Frequently Asked Questions……

Hopefully you will find what you are looking for here. If not then try our Contact page and we’ll try to help you out.

Buying & Selling Toys (2)

Will Doctor Diecast buy my toys?

Yes. We do buy toys as individual items or as whole collections.

Can I sell my childhood toys?

Yes, we can help with selling childhood toys. Our preference is to provide an offer for the purchase of your toys outright. It is a clean sale method that is quick, provides you with certainty on the amount you will receive, and minimises the effort you need to undertake.

But, we can also arrange to sell or auction your items on consignment. The issue with this method is that at auction we cannot guarantee the sale price. This means that the sale price is at your risk and commissions are payable regardless of the final hammer price.

Repairing Toys (2)

Can you fix broken car windows?

No. We cannot fix the original window. We can replace most common windows with a reproduction part and in some cases have successfully used perspex to create a one-off item.

Can we repair your toy

Well, maybe…..

Doctor Diecast has been playing with toys for many years and has lots of experience with a wide range of toys.  But there are always things that we cannot fix and it just depends on the specific model, the damage to be repaired, availability of parts, and in some cases, simply value.

For an appraisal refer to the Contact Us page and get in touch. We will help where we can.

Repainting Toys (1)

Can you paint my model with it’s original colour?

There are a number of issues with paint colour and while we endeavour to match paint colours close to the original it is impossible to provide an exact match.

The primary issue is that paint that was made 50 or more years ago used different chemistry to what is used today. One key ingredient back then was Lead which is no longer used.

Other issues include inconsistent original paint colours, paint fading, storage conditions, & general handling may prevent us from seeing what was ‘original’.