There have been many various Diecast models produced for several decades dating back to before World war 2,  including popular brand names such as Dinky, Corgi, Spot On, Matchbox, Micro Models, Tootsie Toys, etc

Doctor Diecast can repair, repaint or modify models to a high standard with close to original colours in most cases or to the colour of your choice and replacement parts and tyres are usually available for most of these models.

Tin Toys such as Tonka, Boomaroo, Wyntoy, and various Japanese tin toys can often be repaired or restored or in some cases partial restoration ( leaving some of the original litho paint work ) is a preferred option.

Restoring your childhood memories, enhancing your collection, creating a model of your first real car, or whatever the reason, Doctor Diecast can help.

The following pages link to the photo galleries of models have have been repaired and repainted by Doctor Diecast.


Dinky 972 Crane Truck – Full Restoration